Top Ten Climate Policy Papers Published in 2020 by downloads

We are pleased to announce our top ten downloaded papers this year, up to 30 December, from among those published in 2020. Congratulations to all the featured authors! Please check the Climate Policy website to view all our papers.

Article TitleAuthorsMonth of PublicationDownloads in 2020
A factor of two: how the mitigation plans of ‘climate progressive’ nations fall far short of Paris-compliant pathwaysKevin Anderson, John F. Broderick & Isak StoddardMay19900               
Climate policy co-benefits: a reviewMikael Karlsson, Eva Alfredsson & Nils WestlingFebruary6119
The financial impact of fossil fuel divestmentAuke Plantinga & Bert ScholtensAugust4065
Beyond national climate action: the impact of region, city, and business commitments on global greenhouse gas emissionsTakeshi Kuramochi et alMarch3755
Beyond ambition: increasing the transparency, coherence and implementability of Nationally Determined ContributionsW. Pieter Pauw & Richard J.T. KleinFebruary3421
Beyond good intentions, to urgent action: Former UNFCCC leaders take stock of thirty years of international climate change negotiationsRichard Kinley et alDecember3073
Decarbonising the critical sectors of aviation, shipping, road freight and industry to limit warming to 1.5-2ºCMaria Sharmina et alOctober3058
Modelling net-zero emissions energy systems requires a change in approachSteven Pye et alOctober3036
The making of green steel in the EU: a policy evaluation for the early commercialization phaseValentin Vogl, Max Åhman & Lars J. NilssonAugust2667
Ambition in the making: analysing the preparation and implementation process of the Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris AgreementFrauke Röser et alJanuary2371

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