Call for Editor in Chief

Climate Policy Journal is looking for a new Editor in Chief, or two Editors in Chief working cooperatively. The main role of the Editor in Chief is to provide leadership and strategic direction to the Journal, working closely with an Editor and a small editorial team that manages day-to-day operations. 
Climate Policy is a leading peer-reviewed academic journal focused on publishing high quality research and analysis on all aspects of climate policy. The Journal makes high-quality research accessible and relevant, not only to academics, but also to policymakers and practitioners.  
Candidates should have an excellent understanding of the broad issues and complexities involved in addressing climate change, and be willing to engage in the full spectrum of topics and methods covered in the journal.  They should also have a strong research and publication track record in a relevant field, commitment to the peer review process, and a demonstrated capacity to engage with the academic and policy-making communities.   
This is a remunerated, part-time position, initially for three years, with the possibility of renewal. The Editor in Chief role can be assumed by either one person, or two persons fulfilling the role cooperatively.  Accordingly, candidates may apply individually or as pairs. The need for diversity in gender, region and area of expertise across the editorial team will be a factor in the selection process. In the case of paired applicants, at least one of the two must have an academic affiliation.   Individual applicants who are interested in working in the EiC in a paired capacity but who do not have a counterpart identified may also indicate this interest in the letter. 
Candidates should submit a CV and a cover letter to Matthew Warke
( at Climate Policy’s publishers Taylor and Francis by 21 April, 2023.
The cover letter should briefly outline the candidate(s) motivations for applying, and their relevant skills, expertise and experience. In addition, candidates should outline their vision for the future of Climate Policy Journal.  Prospective candidates are also welcome to contact Matthew Warke ( for an informal discussion on the role.